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Nicole Dwyer, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner

This is me, Nicole Dwyer, Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner, Superhost Ambassador, and Community Leader, 26 years after my first real estate transaction.  The first one was easy, a simple, affordable purchase, with a partner, from a seller I knew well.  About a year later, I began my search for my first long-term home.  Excited to search the local newspapers, PennySaver, home magazines, and even "the web" with my dialup internet, I gathered information about different communities, pricing, and mortgages.  I was prepared!  One day while driving, I found the perfect home with a For Sale sign in the yard.  I found the listing and confirmed that the interior checked all of the boxes on my list.  I made the call to the realtor, a female Broker/Owner, which was very inspiring!  She answered, I asked a few questions and attempted to schedule a showing.  She responded with, "Call me back when your husband is home."  Well, that was crushing.  I was qualified for the mortgage on my own.  Why would I need to call when my husband is home?  Clearly, I would not be purchasing any home from this woman!

I wish I could remember how I met my next female realtor because she was truly an inspiration and sparked my passion for real estate.  I recall how incredible it was to witness her successful career while balancing family time with her twins!!  It was amazing.  She was more than patient with me and was serious about helping me find exactly what I was looking for.  We didn't waste time looking at multiple properties that weren't a good fit.  She truly listened and sent me tons of information and explained things that I wasn't aware of as a new buyer.  We ultimately decided that land was a better option for me.  This was the most exciting educational experience of my life.  I learned about lot size requirements, city/town codes, well digging, city water, septic systems, sewer systems, raised beds, perc tests, surveys, getting cable, phone, and electric lines to a new lot, and even subdivisions!  This was awesome!  Years later, I now understand the time and effort she put into educating me and I believe at the time the land I ended up going with was a direct purchase and she didn't even get anything out of that transaction.  

I didn't understand at the time, but this is the way the business works.  Someone in the recruiting business once told me, it's not "if" you will hire someone, it's "when."  Real estate is similar.  Deals don't always work the first time around, but it's surprising how many come back around. 

A few years later, I was ready to purchase an investment property.  Who knew I even had any business attempting to purchase an investment property?  Well, through an interesting series of circumstances, I met an amazing female accountant who was also an incredible inspiration to me at the time.  She had a successful accounting career and was an amazing mother to her three young children.  Prepared with some knowledge of investment financing, I called my realtor and we began the search.  My realtor was even more incredible this time. This time, I learned about the requirements and options for investment property mortgages.  I would not have realized that I was able to be in a position to purchase this property if not for the knowledge and inspiration of these two women.  

We narrowed it down to three options and I made the purchase.  Years later, I listed that property with her and sold it.  

Here we are 26 years later and I've continued to build an investment portfolio with an incredible partner.  I had a good handle on my small portfolio when we met, but adding his background and expertise to mine has proven to be more successful than I could have imagined as a young investor.    







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