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One of my favorite tips is to Publish and Snooze.  When you're creating your listing, there are limited fields available to you and you may feel that you didn't have enough room to capture all of the details necessary for your listing.  This is okay!  There will be more fields available to you once you publish.  The problem is, once you publish, you need to be READY to take your first booking.  Yikes!!  It can take up to 72 hours for your newly published listing to appear in searches...but it could be much sooner!  You could publish and get your first booking almost immediately.  Chances are, you aren't quite ready for that and you don't want to cancel a booking.  A Host Cancellation can give you a poor start to your new listing.  Take a look here to view the consequences of cancelling as a host.

While you're working on perfecting your listing and putting the final touches on your space, SNOOZE IT.


Guest Safety is a priority in your short-term rental unit, just as it is in your own home.  When setting up your space, consider fire safety codes and standards.  The basic guidelines tell us that we need smoke alarms on every level of our home, and in each bedroom and hallway.  It is recommended that ceiling alarms are 4 inches from the wall and wall alarms 4-13 inches from the ceiling, and that neither are placed near windows or vents.  

There should be two ways out of each room, typically a door and a window.  Check to be sure someone could reasonably get out the window without major injury.  If not, consider purchasing a Fire Escape Ladder from Amazon, Lowe's, Home Depot, or your favorite home store. 

Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed on every level of the home.  Recommended placement is five feet from the floor. 

Did you know about Airbnb's Free CO/Smoke Alarm Program?  What a great way to help new hosts with such an important safety requirement!  

Don't forget to add a fire extinguisher to your short-term rental.  I like to keep one in the kitchen and one near the grill.  




When choosing check-in and check-out times, take into consideration how long it will take your cleaners to complete a thorough cleaning of the property between guests. I personally don't like to do same-day check-out/check-ins. I like to have 24 hours just in case something needs maintenance or replacement.

It's a good idea to have a second set of all bedding, towels, blankets, bath mats, etc. This makes turnover less stressful and provides more time if something is stained or needs replacement.  Soft Totes are easy to carry and store.  Amazon has a variety of sizes.  

Airbnb allows you to restrict checking in or out on specific days.  If you choose to use this feature, just remember that it will restrict your availability and guest flexibility.  

Set Check-In and Check-Out Times

Set Preparation Time Between Reservations



Airbnb has created several detailed resource articles to help hosts navigate the app and different situations.  These are accessed through your menu under "Explore Hosting Resources."  If you're having trouble locating it, click here



Be sure to monitor your income and expenses as you will need to report them on your taxes.  Consult with your accountant to ensure accurate reporting.  Reports can be viewed or downloaded at any time from Transaction History.




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